quarta-feira, 24 de setembro de 2008

Lost and translation

Estes poemas fazem parte de um projecto que não concluí. Nunca me passou pela cabeça traduzi-los, muito menos publicá-los. As minhas inspirações, William Wordsworth e João Villalobos, haveriam de rir-se jocosamente e eu não suportaria semelhante humilhação.

Dare we go into the night? Tenderly beware.

To fight, I might step outside my shell.
But rather I linger in-between, than to cope the scope of hopelessness.

Mighty shiver the lovequake, by dawn's delight.

Bygone the sorrow must you send, as I kiss your babywords intertwine.
For such they are of mine.

Before I sleep, before I am.

Shed the tear, breathe the sorrow, for my pain has gone to morrow.

Everlasting heartache, this sounds of life to-be; slipping raindrop kisses, like you are to me.

This sea longs for you, as I wave in the distance.

Tidy up ashore windy soul, for we've met before.
No arms, no rags, just a bare vessel with no oar.
Nor here.

I've lost my love to-day; and myself for good.

This weekend has no end; to begin with.
Will I have to stand up weak; to be without?
Time lapses thy fading glory.
This mourning memory, recoil your morning glimpse.

Hell, I will fall if I have to.

If I have to follow you through.
And hide this wholehearted self, from your cold-hearted soul.
If by cowardly means, any blatant gesture may mend the end; I will fear no evil as I scare myself.

Why read, what to write?

Get rid of me for a night.
Quiet restlessness, cried her.
"How wrong, to be right".
How come, not to fight?
And he sobbed, facing the child.

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João Villalobos disse...

Wordsworth e eu? Are you insane!? :) Quanto aos poemas, gostei de os ler mas gostava ainda mais de ver o que consegues em tuguês...Abraço